On May 3, 2000, the first documented placement of a cache took place by Dave Ulmer from Beavercreek, Oregon. With millions of caches waiting to be found, Geocaching is the ultimate outdoor recreational activity and treasure hunt, taking those up for a challenge all around the world in over 200 countries.

My Geocaching adventures have been within Washington state only, but paying for a premium membership has given me access to hundreds of new caches that will keep me (and my little one) busy for a long time until we’re ready to venture out of the state!

I’ll be sharing all our Geocache finds! Follow along and become inspired! Archived caches are no longer available due to ‘muggles’ or other reasons. Username: NorthwestTiffany

My bear holding a micro cache
Our Arlington, WA Geocache find!

Our Hidden Geocaches

Try to find our first hidden cache! Time Well Spent encourages to enjoy your time with you and yours!

Found Geocaches

  • Save My Bacon (Archived)
  • Twin Lakes Park (Archived)
  • Push up! (Archived)
  • Farrell’s Edgecomb Store
  • skoo-KOOM
  • The Golden Tree
  • Super Bowl Bound
  • Crane Yard
  • Lavender Street
  • Edgar Allen Pie #4 – The Gold Bug
  • Greener is Better
  • Ziggy &Sir
  • Cranes – Reborn in WA
  • dshifter told me to do it
  • RS1
  • Don’t get caught with the cache.
  • Nano over Marysville
  • Priscilla’s Mourning Dove
  • Stumped on 92nd